Making impact, connecting, and providing new project possibilities

AddVision is a company that specializes in the development, management, assistance, and accountability of projects. AddVision engages with societal challenges in collaboration with clients, stakeholders and network partners. We gladly contribute to a stronger economy, a sustainable society, and a vital local community. We connect, inspire, help to construct, develop, create and secure.

Sustainable society

The Netherlands has committed to a sustainable transition: we have until 2050 to drastically decrease our CO2 emissions and transition to a circular, energy neutral economy. Plans of action are created at various levels of governance and AddVision is going to help execute these plans, to really put them into action! With our projects on energy generation, sustainable mobility, and the circular economy, AddVision contributes to the acceleration of this transition.

Strong economy

AddVision actively helps regional entrepreneurs (starts ups, scale ups, and SMEs) to develop their growth ambitions or innovative ideas. After all, the ideals of a vital region and sustainable society can only be realized with a strong and flourishing economy, where innovation and creativity are encouraged.

Vital local community

We are getting older and we are leaving our parental homes later. But how do we stay mobile, healthy, and happy? How do we keep offering attractive and accessible services for our inhabitants of all ages? AddVision is committed to realizing these challenges in the field of liveability and accessibility.